Beauty in Natural Makeup

Corrective Skin Treatments 

When your skin is treated on all levels, this is when the magic of beautiful healthy skin begins!


30mins $149

60mins $199

90mins $269 

These treatments will involve carefully layering of skin correction modalities that will treat your skin on a 3D level, the magic truely happens when your skin is treated on all levels to prepare a perfect polished  canvas for collagen and elastin production to be effectively triggered and have begin the regeneration process. These treatments are uniquely combined and tailored to your specific concerns for desired results. 

Epidermal Levelling Skin Treatment  

A gentle and effective resurfacing skin treatment designed to gently and effectively remove the upper layers of the skin dead skin along with vellus hair (peach fuzz). The painless procedure will reveal and restore a brighter softer and radiant complexion. Your make up will apply lawlessly and product penetration will be enhanced.

MicroHydrabrasion Skin Treatment 

Microhydrabrasion is an advanced procedure using a twin polishing method to gently exfoliate the skin using a diamond head process to eliminate dead skin, remove blackheads, lighten pigmentation, soften lines and wrinkles, remove excess oil and smooth coarsely textured skin. 

Hydration Skin Treatment

Using a combination of lactic and enzymatic ingredients combined to restore dehydrated dull skin back to life. The results are supple balanced skin. 

Peptide Vitality Firming Skin Treatment 

This facial focuses on resurfacing and infusing peptides to  strengthen and support your skin, The results are firm, glowing, and revitalised skin. 

Glycolic Stem Cell Treatment

An intensive and effective resurfacing treatment incorporating plant stem cells to fight against environmental pollution and UV damage. Rich in anti-ageing that refine lines and open pores and trigger the rebuilding of your skin. The results are retextured tighter, smoother skin rich in anti ageing fighting benefits.  

Age Management Treatment 

A hydrating corrective antibacterial resurfacer used to reduce, sun damage, fine lines, blackheads, regulates oil control and subdue persistent acne conditions. Leaves skin clear and brighter. 

Brightening Treatment 

A cocktail of brightening ingredients are used to resuracfce and brighten stubborn pigment. 

Oxygen Thermal Treatment 

A layering process targeting acne revitalise dull, acne prone skin, a brightening, refreshing and antibacterial treatment used to restore skins natural balance. High Freqency is included and will be used where nesacesary. Perfect as a stand alone or added to another treatment. 

Specialised Mask Treatments $35 

These masks are prepared at time of treatment for added benefits. Can be added to any facial treatment. 

Peptide Collagen Mask-Soothing, intense hydration reduces redness, plumps skin. Dewy and glowing finish