Epi-Dermal levelling is suitable for all skin types and colours has little to no down time and is pain free.



Epi-Dermal Levelling also called Epi-Blading or Derma-Planning is a extremely safe and gentle procedure that exfoliates and rejuvenates the skin.

By using a fine surgical blade, we’re able to gently remove unwanted fine facial hairs while removing dead cells on the surface of the skin.   Facial hairs can capture dead cells, oil and debris, which may cause your complexion to become dull and lifeless.

Epi-Dermal Levelling removes fine hairs also known as vellus hairs or ‘peach fuzz’, along with the top layer of dead skin cell

s and minimises pore blockage to encourage the production of new collagen and elastin. The procedure increases the skins ability to absorb active ingredients.   This treatment will leave the skin smooth, rejuvenated, glowing and creates a canvas for flawless make up application.

The benefit of this treatment is that it only takes 45 minutes per session and will enhance results of other skin treatments such as peels and anti-wrinkle injects and is a great alternative for people who are not suitable for laser hair removal treatments on vellus hairs of the face. 


  • Hairy skin – fine vellus hair or ‘peach fuzz’

  • Congested or breakout prone skin

  • Milia or hyperkeratinisation

  • Fine lines

  • Redness and rosacea (due to stimulation of collagen and dermal thickening)

  • Sun damaged and blotchy skin

  • Thickened, oily skin

  • Safe for pregnant and lactating women


  • A great alternative for clients with sensitive skin or who are pregnant or lactating, as there is no need for the use of product on the skin.

  • No downtime

  • Can be used as a stand-alone treatment or added on in conjunction with other skin treatments to enhance results.

  • Increases absorption of active products

  • Removes fine vellus hair that in unable to be treated with laser, without changing the structure of the hair (hair will not grow back dark or coarse).

  • Improves uneven skin tone, texture and reduces blackheads

  • Perfect for mature skins by removing cellular build up that slows with age

  • Gives skin a smooth and flawless makeup base


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